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  • COOLA Mineral Sunscreen – Matte Tint

    COOLA Mineral Sunscreen – Matte Tint

    Inneholder reklame // Ambassadør En ny favoritt fra COOLA? COOLA har lenge vært en favoritt hos meg når det kommer til solprodukter. Faktisk så er jeg så enormt fornøyd med det ene produktet deres at jeg har brukt det året rundt, bare fordi det gir en så fantastisk fin glød. Da snakker jeg selvfølgelig […]

  • Everyday creative impulse

    In reality, the friend who always answers our calls, the barista who doubles as our therapist, and the co-worker who invited us out during our first crushingly lonely week in a new city can feel as much like our family as the clan we’re born into. Balancing a composition involves arranging both positive elements and […]

  • Exploring the New York

    Ever wondered if your lack of artistic ability was due to your parents’ mathematical-minded genetics or their refusal to sign you up for after-school art classes? Or how your friend was a piano prodigy despite her dad barely being able to play a note?

  • Private Estate Wedding

    Some believe that hereditary factors are responsible for one family producing generations of musical virtuosos, while others suggest that our cultural and environmental surroundings play a larger role than genetics.

  • Weekend with Friend

    Human nature is a broad term that encompasses many qualities. Creativity is less a general or amorphous quality and more a very specific capacity to exercise a specific set of skills. Is everyone born with the potential to develop these skills?

  • Contemporary OutDoor Culture

    It’s true that in some environments, the practice of creative skills isn’t encouraged and may be actively discouraged. In some places, schools may present such environments.If parents can provide more opportunities for this, that would help.

  • Photographer to Inspire: Andel Afamger

    The literature on creativity suggests that there are at least a few personality traits that promote creative behavior, such as openness, a willingness to take risks and an ability to tolerate ambiguity and cope with novel situations.

  • Coconut coffee milk ice cream

    They were both Chinese immigrants to America—my father was a mechanic and my mother took care of the family. They taught me to work hard, take opportunities, accept responsibility and eschew cowardice, less by explicit direction and more by implicit influenc

  • 15 Things: My amazing places

    People who have a difficult time differentiating one musical note from another may have a hard time singing on key. However, there are ways of overcoming or compensating for this. The plasticity of the brain is quite amazing.

  • My Bedside Table: The Curator

    A balanced composition feels right. It feels stable and aesthetically pleasing. While some of its elements might be focal points and attract your eye, no one area of the composition draws your eye so much that you can’t see the other areas.